Height: 4’10 / Before: 102 / After: 99
This is proof that scales are useless at measuring progress that one’s made in their fitness journeys. Although I’m only 3 pounds lighter, much of the fat on my body has been replaced with lean muscle mass. In 2012, I went from 120 lbs to 92 lbs. There wasn’t much to my body back then in terms of fat and also in terms of muscle. After I gained some of the weight back, I decided to recommit myself to pursuing the body I want. I wanted to reveal my progress photo to illustrate that squats work, lifting / toning works, clean eating works and above all dedication pays off. I’m proud of how far I’ve overcome and achieved thus far; this is only the beginning. 

Okay this is so, so amazing do you guys realise what a short time period this was over?! I am so proud and amazed! You look soo hot!

Proof that focus should be on eating healthy and building muscle, rather than losing weight and counting calories.


A list of your muscles: where they are, what they do and some exercises to help strengthen them.



exercising would be so much more rewarding if calories screamed when you burned them

motivational fitness and healthy eating blog! 


Fitness motivation from a Simpson? Who knew!

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